What Can Our Platting Experts Do For You?

What Can Our Platting Experts Do For You?

A subdivision plat is a plan or a map of a plot of land for the purpose of sale, rent, or building development. It is also used to create streets and easements and other rights-of-way. Platting is an important step of the land development process, yet it is a complex one that not many people understand well. In fact, many real estate developments and government officials don’t fully understand the varied complexities involved with the platting process. That’s why it’s important to have platting experts, such as the team at Windrose, in your corner.

What Makes Platting So Important?

Platting is essential for ensuring order in the growth of cities. They give an accurate picture of both residential and commercial land and help developers comply with zoning rules and regulations.

Most areas in Texas require subdivision plats in order to develop a property, which involves a regulatory approval process. This is where it’s useful to have experts who can guide you through this. Platting involves specific timelines, fees, and requirements, all of which demands efficient and timely management in order to ensure the development process runs smoothly.

The team of platting experts at Windrose has years of experience in the processing of subdivision plat applications, re-zoning applications, special exceptions, variances, and public hearings throughout the state of Texas. This is important because Texas has strict platting laws for development and division of land, and the requirements will change depending on your city.

Overview of Platting Process

The subdivision platting process has several phases that involve combining survey information based on local requirements and then submitting this gathered information for recording. The steps involved include plat preparation, plat representation, and recording, all of which Windrose assists clients with from beginning to end. Some plats necessitate additional requirements, and our team is adept to handle those special circumstances as they arise.

During the plat preparation phase, we coordinate with everyone involved in the project—including engineers, architects, and owners—to obtain all the necessary information that will need to be included in the plat. From here, we move on to plat representation, in which we prepare the application materials to be submitted. The next phases can include public hearings and variances, if required, and then finally we conclude with plat submission and recording.

Each platting process will be unique. This is why we encourage you to reach out to us today to see how we can help with your development. We have experience with a variety of project types, including townhome redevelopment, residential land development, commercial, retail, and industrial complexes. Give Windrose a call today!

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