Windrose Land Services began offering a full-range of surveying expertise and quality in the art of land surveying in 1991, providing excellence in land surveying and mapping services to meet the demands of a flourishing Houston area for 25 years.

Windrose is comprised of people who are focused, diligent, highly educated, and determined to provide outstanding professional services supported by a very high level of communication that deliver results wherever and whenever you need them.

Our commitment is demonstrated by our People Promise: Your phone call is answered by our receptionist instead of an automated system then directed to one of our qualified business specialists. We will meet with you to discuss your project needs and together will define project scope, definition, budget, and timelines.

This approach ensures that there are no surprises for our clients. Our success is a result of delivering on our promises for over 25 years, and that will not change now, or in the future.

Our clients define our difference for us. It comes down to people, not companies, projects, or enterprises.