What is Platting?

A subdivision plat is a map or plan reflecting the division of a lot, or the parcel of land that creates two or more lots, for the purpose of sale, rent, or building development. Subdivision plats are also used frequently to create streets, public easements, or other rights-of-way.

Why is platting important? In most cities and counties in Texas, you cannot develop a property without submitting a subdivision plat to the City or County and going through the regulatory approval process.

Platting is an extremely important step in a development project because they can have significant requirements, coordination, fees, and timelines that can have an adverse effect on the development process if it is not managed efficiently. Windrose employs a team of platting experts that specialize in the processing of subdivision plat applications, re-zoning applications, special exceptions, variances, and public hearings in Southeast Texas and across the state.

Platting Processes

Subdivision platting is a combination of several efforts and phasing to combine survey information with dedicatory and jurisdictional requirements and in most cases has several steps including Plat Preparation, Plat representation, and Recording.

In addition, some plats may require additional efforts and applications to obtain special approvals or variances from development requirements or require public hearings to meet statutory requirements for re-development of certain types of property. As industry experts our surveyors in Houston Texas, and Dallas Texas, can seamlessly guide you through this process.

Plat Preparation

The effort and coordination with the owners, architects, and engineers to obtain the legal information, deeds, ownership information, lienholder information and other misc. items needed for inclusion on the plat.

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Plat Representation

Entails the coordination and preparation of the application items that are in addition to the subdivision plat that are required to submit to a jurisdiction, as well as the administration and coordination of the submission and recording process.

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Public Hearings

A secondary and complementary process necessary when re-platting lots or property that are currently, or have been previously, restricted to single-family uses.

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A Variance request is an application submitted to the City or County to request a deviation or waiver from a specific development requirement in order to facilitate a development or address an existing non-conformance.

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Plat Submission

Many cities and counties have specific requirement for the submission of a surveyed plat, that is the way a piece of land is divided.

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JRC Administration

JRC is the acronym for Joint Referral Committee and is a committee of several departments within the City of Houston that was created to review and approve requests for abandonment submitted to the city.

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