JRC Administration, JRC is the acronym for Joint Referral Committee and is a committee of several departments within the City of Houston that was created to review and approve requests for abandonment submitted to the city.

Request for abandonment can be for any public interests, but are most commonly used to abandon public easements, streets, or utilities lines. The Joint Referral Process is an extensive and cumbersome process, best left to a professional consultant like Windrose. JRC applications require several documents, applications, and in some cases demolition or construction to complete depending on the severity of the case. JRC applications require survey documentation, applications, site photos, field investigation, committee review, appraisals, City Council approval, legal ratification, purchase of property, and ordinance creation for the disposition of property. Most JRC applications take 6-12 months to administer depending on if construction is required. Windrose’s Houston Survey Companies has been involved with dozens of JRC applications and employ a team of experts to navigate the process for our clients.