Throughout our two and a half decades of working with a wide range of Land Developers, Architects, and Engineers, we have learned the importance of engaging in discussions with clients as early as possible in the life of a project in order to determine what services are needed and how to best deliver them for any given building or development project. We have the depth and breadth of experience within our firm to direct our work to yield information that will add significant value to a project during design, construction, and operation.

Whether your need is reliable, accurate, and timely information to conceptualize site improvements with confidence and design an appropriate building, or whether you need guidance before and during construction to ensure the excavation and buildings are in the proper horizontal and vertical locations, Windrose Land Surveying & Platting will assure precise, accurate, complete, and timely data that can help prevent your project from experiencing complications as well as unnecessary time extensions and costs, which can easily lead to other problems.