Windrose land Surveying & platting has grown through listening to our clients and embracing the changes and challenges of our robust and diverse marketplace. We are a team who believes in the following principles


We recognize the need to serve multiple market sectors and, as such, are better positioned for Windrose Surveying & Platting to experience steady growth over the long term.


High performers are lifelong learners who value education in all forms, and exceeding continuing education licensing requirements is critical to success in today’s fast-paced market. We study technologies and trends as well as overall business strategies. We value learning and invest in our employees’ education to best serve our clients.


Land surveying is a foundation for many other services, including GIS, building information modeling (BIM), engineering, and spatial data management. Our ability to view professional expertise from different angles and recognize opportunities outside of a traditional business model is invaluable to our growth and meeting the needs of our clients.


We are adept at coordinating our work with multiple disciplines to produce accurate documents and meet demanding schedules. Multiple, ongoing successful collaborations with owners, architects, engineers, and contractors attest to our skills in this area.


We understand technology trends and adapt to them in a way that makes sense for our firm and our clients to provide a competitive advantage. Having a well-trained, knowledgeable staff with access to the best tools for the job is our definitive strategy for best serving our client base.