6 of the Most Beautiful Places in the World

6 of the Most Beautiful Places in the World

As land surveyors, nothing captivates us more than the beauty of our world. From rocky mountains and towering trees to swaths of fields and glittering seas, the Earth’s terrain is vast and varied in its features. Each corner of the world has something unique to offer, so we’re exploring some of the most beautiful land in our world.

Bora BoraBask in the Beauty of Bora Bora

Some of the most striking land features are underwater, and this is certainly the case with the French Polynesian island Bora Bora, tucked in the stunning turquoise waters of the South Pacific. The terrain is composed of the main island of Bora Bora and the coral reef surrounding it in islets. Connecting the two is a breathtaking lagoon, said to be one of the most beautiful in the world.


HawaiiGet Volcanic On the Islands of Hawaii

All of the islands of Hawaii are distinctly striking, so it’s hard to choose just one to visit. Shaped from past oceanic volcanic eruptions, all six main islands offer stunning features such as active volcanoes, sea mountains and cliffs, rock spires, and more. Though the beaches are a sight to see, simply being in Hawaii and taking in the nature from lookout points scattered throughout the state’s national parks makes it worth the trip.


Zhangye Danxia, ChinaBe Awed By the Rainbow Mountains of Zhangye Danxia, China

The Rainbow Mountains of China look like something out of a dream, with their red, blue, and yellow striations. Centuries of tectonic shifts, climatic conditions, and the erosion of red terrigenous sedimentary beds have created this artist’s palette of beauty. They are understandably a popular tourist attraction and are worth a trip to glimpse their beauty in person.


 Iguazu FallsSee the Majestic Iguazu Falls of Brazil/Argentina

In the U.S., we have Niagara Falls, but Brazilians and Argentines share the beautiful Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfalls system in the world. The falls are twice as wide as those at Niagara, with 275 individual drops. They divide the river of the same name that serves as the boundary between Brazil and Argentina. Tourists can get up close for a glimpse thanks to the multiple trails.


Interlaken, SwitzerlandReach New Heights in Interlaken, Switzerland

Step into the chilly, snow-capped mountains of Switzerland with a jaunt to Interlaken, an outdoor enthusiast’s dream city. Interlaken sits between two lakes—hence the name—offering adventurers a plethora of thrilling entertainment. Here you can experience the beauty of the world at your fingertips, whether paragliding from the edge of a cliff, hiking winding trails, or taking a heart-pounding whitewater rafting ride.


Marble Caves in ChileMarvel at the Wonder of the Marble Caves in Chile

Another example of Earth’s natural creation of beauty, the Marble Caves in Chile are carved into the Patagonian Andes thanks to years of waves pounding against calcium carbonate, creating a solid marble peninsula that borders the remote glacial Lake General Carrera. Visit during different times of the year to see changes in intensity and hue. They are only accessible by boat, but the beauty will be worth the excursion.

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